Recipe: Shrimp Stew On

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Recipe: Shrimp Stew On
Recipe: Shrimp Stew On

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: How to make New Orleans Shrimp Stew 2023, February

Shrimp stew

Recipe Photo: Shrimp Stew
Recipe Photo: Shrimp Stew

4 portions 15 min ZNAIKA 03/30/15

Stew ovitya kurzy,, tomato, with krpna croc.

Food (for 4 servings)
Krki ue (ische) - 600
Tomato (rbleny) - 1.5 sakana
kuue na - 2 t
Okra (a) (scrapped) - 1 t
Bacon - 4 ika
k epchy (rbleny) - 0.5 sakana
- 0.25 h.
Thresh the pepper - 0.25. l.
lo asitnoe
s (rbleny) - 2 s. l.
th ok - 2. l.
e ki swir (po)

As a needle agu krkami:

1. fry with soda hutego delight. I want to fry for a big one, and eat a little ski.

2.the same carpet sat kurzu, y ovit, ovit on a bed about 3 tons. There is a compressible carpet in ku, yy, t sr place.

3. Skovor prair mazhny weaving. be gray-ily, with scrap.

4.Evet sleep over. lays down krki retyu carpet, fry 2 minutes.

5. Svets a long month into the carpet, fry, basil poured lemons, perat r s eve.

6. Serve with mi kami (desire).

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