Recipe: Pickled Mussels On

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Recipe: Pickled Mussels On
Recipe: Pickled Mussels On

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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Pickled mussels

Recipe photo: Pickled mussels
Recipe photo: Pickled mussels

4 portions of ZNAIKA 09/25/14

Fresh marius in oseish mar and tah stkh akovinah lemons. inovanny mussels - delicious ethical blue.

Food (for 4 servings)
Mussels r (myy) - 24 NIS
Tomato p ra (ry) - 1 t.
k-alot (ry) - 1 t.
k th (ry) - 1 t.
at crna vinny or th approx - 1.5. l.
lo - 2 s. l.
- from
Thresh pepper - taste
rsh s (ripped) - 2 t..
Lemon, ki swir - 4-6 NIS

How innovative mussels:

1. b crte povre. Osalye rno krt, in the way of ry, he will make meat in op. With a knife oat meat mussels, so it is free of x from akovina.

2. Eats the meat of mussels, nemetesyu ku, half of akovin t and whit.

3. In del mis sat uu (lemon s) with scrap. ys and c, satiated with this mesyu, add w, green lu and, perat, cover and t hnik 1 tsp.

4. The halves of the acovinus are placed on the rovoch blue, in the vyh and in the tomato and allot. Pospat mussels rsh and l inovanny mussels lemon dol.

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