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Recipe: Peking Shrimp On
Recipe: Peking Shrimp On

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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Peking shrimp

Recipe Photo: Peking Shrimp
Recipe Photo: Peking Shrimp

Milania 11/06/12

It was the akim of the post of krki Kit, as e, e very special. eve, lane, tomato and ove ss - new ingry, ore s, so that igot is eaten like ice.

Krmal - 1 t.
Water - 1/4 t
Kurzny sop - 1/4 t
Soybean ss - 2 tons
Dick or ry l - 2 p. l.
nok (chy) - 1 side
s - 1/4 h.
Per Bulgarian y (ezany kvadra 2.5 m) - 1 t.
lo asitnoe - 2 tons
Krki vezhie, p ra (ische) - 450
Vezhiy tomato (ezany dol) - 1 sh.
Drawn on nir (optional)

How to play with ice:

1. V sh mis rt krmal water, b kuui ir, sy oy, hes (ry l), chnok ginger, hosh perat and savit mis in tone.

2.Woke drgoy sh soda azogr asitnoe lo, spat green lane on or on fire for 3 minutes. Then you will get soda and it will get about 3 tons of soda. When it boils, the got boils about 2 tons. He puts a tomato in the carpet and ovit another steam.

Will serve krki-kitki varm is (by).

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