Recipe: Squid Dumplings On

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Recipe: Squid Dumplings On
Recipe: Squid Dumplings On
Video: Recipe: Squid Dumplings On
Video: 촉촉한 감칠감칠오징어만두 /Korean Asian Squid Dumplings 2023, February

Dumplings with squid

Cala isit, vyt, nar skami together with lu prsit chaz orbku. o, asitnoe lo, ec, ol hosh perat.

Provit tt. In the main, it is poured into it, it will add an egg, with and it crt tt. Rasat him with an onky loy, a capacious rm of uki will put on them shiki igot fsh. Kr krzhkov esa oro ipnu.

Ovlenna sang sits in her deer. Per feed to the t pel is watered with rtm livestock scrap.

kal? s? vezhie 72-500 r
lu 64-1 PCS.
an egg 15-1 PCS.
mas p? t? spruce 79-1 Art. the spoon
from? taste
lane? taste
! p? spruce For the test: 27-0
mu psh? naya 40-300 r
an egg 43-1 PCS.
water 30-0.5 glasses
from? taste

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