Recipe: Roll "Good Mood" On

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Recipe: Roll "Good Mood" On
Recipe: Roll "Good Mood" On

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Roll "Good mood"

Wash the rice. cold, add a gott. Draw kss, oh, sar, ok and wasps sat and t sy. Tomit 15-20 minutes. Gori is avit ss and so on. Ry: 3 eggs, beaten with 80 sec, add 20 g of buon 40 g of aha. e it. On t and lays down p. It uses calves. Cuguetz,, omelet with nap kami you fox holes. Wrapped p in u square op. Tua s nar onkim t, vy x olla, erya emgu tnz. Goty all azr 6 px asey.

ogu? ts? 45-1 PCS.
avocado 80-1 PCS.
p? ba salmon 25-30 r
t? nets thirty r
flying fish roe 15-30 r
water? whether? and measuring 10x7 cm 14-1 sheet
R? 13-200 r
u? u? p? ovy 39-500 ml
s? s mirin 15-40 ml
s? ar 15-2 Art. spoons
lemon 19-0.25 PCS.
vodor? s (konbu) 44-10 r

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