Recipe: California Roll On

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Recipe: California Roll On
Recipe: California Roll On
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Roll "California"

Wash the rice so that the water is clean. spat in tyu and b cold, add gott. Draw kss, oh world, sar, ok and wasps the comb will put fire on the labs. b 15-20 tons, bringing the boil. yach r zapr wm oyom osu. fox burrow is. r vy y, the number rpr of it, eat t evert rum. Cucumber avocado eats t strips, uh krki - shkuoch and lays on t etc. Well all rlet at fmy cut on 6 awna thu.

ogu? ts? fresh 99-1 PCS.
avocado 10-1 PCS.
tiger crust 39-20 r
u? yyony 7-20 r
caviar (flying fish) 12-30 r
R? 60-200 r
u? u? p? ovy 97-500 ml
s? s mirin 19-40 ml
s? ar 63-2 Art. spoons
lemon 45-0.5 PCS.
vodor? s (konbu) 74-10 r
water? whether? and measuring 10x7 cm 24-1 sheet

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