Recipe: Phoenix Tail Shrimp On

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Recipe: Phoenix Tail Shrimp On
Recipe: Phoenix Tail Shrimp On
Video: Recipe: Phoenix Tail Shrimp On
Video: Phoenix Prawn Tails. Chinese prawns deep-fried in a light crispy batter. 2023, February

Phoenix tail shrimp

1 serving

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Products (for 1 portion)
cr? ki 38-500 r
from? 72-1 h spoon
lane? taste
papr 49-1 PCS.
mas ar? is 8-2 Art. spoons
or masku? r? knowing 65-2 Art. spoons
mu 16-150 r
cr? small? ku? u? th 83-4 Art. spoons
so far? ok pec? I 26-1 h spoon
water 18-250 ml

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