Recipe: Big Futomaki Rolls On

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Recipe: Big Futomaki Rolls On
Recipe: Big Futomaki Rolls On

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Video: How to make a Futomaki Roll (Giant sushi Roll) 2023, February

Big rolls futomaki

3 servings

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very good

Food (for 3 servings)
with? month how much will it take
water? and 87-3 leaf
from? (japanese p? ova u? u?) 67-4 Art. spoons
water 36-250 ml
kr? ki royal 88-9 PCS.
an egg 81-4 PCS.
s? ar 30-4 Art. spoons
w? 9-250 r
s? s? oei japanese shoyu 43-3.5 Art. spoons
kanpyo (? u? yenaya? s) 54-20 r
or pestilence? 88-1 PCS.
gr? shiitaki 35-6 PCS.
rice wine mirin 66-1 Art. the spoon
or x? eu 76-1 Art. the spoon
from? taste
ginger? mar? th taste
s? s? oei japanese shoyu taste

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