Recipe: Gyuvech Shrimp On

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Recipe: Gyuvech Shrimp On
Recipe: Gyuvech Shrimp On

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: Baked prawns with vegetables and cheese, Karides Güveç 2023, February

Guvech shrimp

Drain on the carpet a sweet lo. nok smacks. Krki azr, put on the carpet and eu. Slightly it. Add nary umi bikami with feathers, fry. ezanne shona green lu. Poured tons. Put the carpet on until steam is liquid. olit, pop. Vyh bitter, sleepy shtm yom. Duovke 57 minutes, until you are drunk. thies krki olit, ispav rmoy, elikom it for livoch mas and crit them up.

cr? ki? levs (100 g for decoration) 9-400 r
lu green 5-4 pen
w? ony 28-100 r
lane? Bulgarian? cue red and green 76-2 PCS.
with t? us 74-700 r
s? r 50-80 r
h? nok 32-1 tooth
from? taste
lane? white hammer taste
ku? ku taste
mass with? 86-60 r

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