Recipe: Little Paelka Model On

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Recipe: Little Paelka Model On
Recipe: Little Paelka Model On

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Small paelka model

4 servings

Rice is varied to sheep (polish from is, ory sling in y). and it springs into the water for 5 minutes. Vegetable fry soda with a small amount of leaf and asitny or opley wt. When she's a child - meshes soda, oye ss, chp, pets and whit min 10-15 under yoy, iodichki willow. x sprinkle greens. Goth.

Food (for 4 servings)
R? 29-2 glasses
peeled mussels 68-300 r
cr? ki (it is possible without them) 28-150 r
pestilence? 86-1 PCS.
lu r? at? th 87-1 PCS.
mountains? ek? y? er? ovanny 6-1 bank
lane? kr? us sweet 38-1 PCS.
ku? r? for 19-1 bank
s? s? oevy taste
from? taste
lane? taste
ket? u 81-2 Art. spoons
greenery taste

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