Recipe: Gunkanmaki Boat Rolls On

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Recipe: Gunkanmaki Boat Rolls On
Recipe: Gunkanmaki Boat Rolls On

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Video: How to Make Gunkan-Maki 【Sushi Chef Eye View】 2023, February

Gunkanmaki boat rolls

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with? month taste
water? and leaf
from? (japanese p? ova u? u?) 11-4 Art. spoons
water 3-250 ml
crab meat 84-8 Art. spoons
from 60-1 h spoon
pass? and "? abi" 83-2 h. spoons
red caviar (ikura) 73-6 Art. spoons
or caviar p? bnaya pinagora 47-6 Art. spoons
privateer? s pickled 57-12 PCS.
ginger? mar? th taste
s? s? oei japanese shoyu taste

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