Recipe: Thai Shrimp Salad On

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Recipe: Thai Shrimp Salad On
Recipe: Thai Shrimp Salad On

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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Thai shrimp salad

2 servings

Oedit krki, s gr, oot kol krok gr for rolling, eat deep. t apple, go with small biks, just add a few lemon eye to alat.

at sun ingry ipr. Reigns from now on, alat from vrnu. hnik. The kuonns were weighed, and only one alat lay down. ь faith alat uas och petuki. azu sol.

Food (for 2 servings)
cr? ki 91-400 r
pineapple? er? ovans 65-4 piece
gr? from 38-200 r
from? 12-1 head of cabbage
an Apple 78-1 PCS.
mayonnaise 78-200 ml
br 56-3 Art. spoons
lemon 27-1 PCS.
s? s? omat? th 72-4 Art. spoons
from? taste
lane? taste
greens? r? w 75-1 bunch

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