Recipe: Scallop In Batter (fried) On

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Recipe: Scallop In Batter (fried) On
Recipe: Scallop In Batter (fried) On

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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Scallop in batter (fried)

Seafood meat ebesh nars skami, whit weed, b with rtelm scrap, b y lot, lane, s, finely garnished greens rsh and th x meso 15-20 min mar. For liquid esophagus, add a yellow egg and then add liquid eso, it will be sprinkled with proteins. Prepare a ski with a grka well, tt and it in a small amount of fat (in the ruye) 5-7 tons, eat well with a slicker, put it on it, so that there is fat.

nir - tel grnevy a.

gr? ok? s 92-500 r
lemon? lot 22-0.5 h. spoons
mas p? t? spruce 35-1 Art. the spoon
car? of? 86-10 PCS.
mu psh? naya 65-0.5 glasses
an egg 7-1 PCS.
milk 98-0.8 glasses
or water 96-0.8 glasses
lemon 18-0.5 PCS.
frying fat 88-20 r
greens? r? w taste
from? taste
papr taste
lane? hammer? th taste

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