Recipe: Cold Rice Dish On

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Recipe: Cold Rice Dish On
Recipe: Cold Rice Dish On
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Cold rice dish

2 servings

In deer otitis media rspchy r, ot on it, dates wasp. ovlenny ht langut or akov inovat (mar provit from asitny la, oka, s and c). Bananas azr and yi asm c. Rice mis, with pr, as from the song of the quick, the tray turned on the green slanny. gray-haired lich from the deaf and l oomatyu t, sannu. Ukrit xt p, dollop of tomato, and also senna vkrtyu.

This blue is common in olodnoye. But a small tribute to his dinner. eom luae e oduy, ome is, set is easy in le marina.

Food (for 2 servings)
R? 67-1 glass
water 33-4 glasses
a tomato? 64-2 PCS.
an egg 28-2 PCS.
langu? t? taste
or p r? noy taste
mas p? t? spruce 68-2 Art. spoons
with lemon 64-1 Art. the spoon
banana 22-2 PCS.
t? - pass? a 28-2 Art. spoons
mayonnaise 51-2 Art. spoons
from? taste
lane? do? is? s taste
lane? cr? us taste

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