Recipe: Herbal Oysters On

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Recipe: Herbal Oysters On
Recipe: Herbal Oysters On

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Oysters with herbal oil

Recipe Photo: Herbal Oil Oysters
Recipe Photo: Herbal Oil Oysters

4 portions of ZNAIKA 01/15/15

Usr tavyany dreams of mas gots in x and ty yach.

Food (for 4 servings)
Usry vezhie - 24 t.
k-alot (blended) - 1 sh.
Ches (small ouy) - 1 side
rsh, fox with (small ye) - 15
Lu-pc (blended) - 15 g
tagon vezhiy (blended) - 15 g
lo livoch, renno - 75
Br - 1 h.
Lemons with - 1 tsp
Salt to taste
ets yery y - by s
Lemons for shaving
Enki swir (by)

1. Usry is washed out, wash it off with water. ialm akkat rkrt r. I’ll return the Thu, the meat will be cooked in the obese eye. saves the duck on the wedge.

2. Whose x with uiy "il" pritnogo azogr to imal tatr.

3. V sh mis sat sh, chnok rblen tavy, b soft lo, yandy, y ok a little oli, ooo you.

4. Tavannoe lot of chicks in stock, where they are scrap. put the bunch of chicks at x for 10 s from x heating right, ovit 3-4 minutes.

5.Because of a lemon tt (po).

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