Recipe: Seny Jacques Oysters On

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Recipe: Seny Jacques Oysters On
Recipe: Seny Jacques Oysters On

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Video: How to Open Clams & Oysters | Jacques Pépin Cooking At Home | KQED 2023, February

Oysters "Sany Jacques"

2 servings

Put mas and to mies and evat on power 2-3. You laugh with gr, wine, shit, bang, rsh, these lavrm t. Tuit in and carry full 35 minutes, rub. well ovy foxes. Will heat up the mass in t for power in ech 30. Raser mu do t. Juice of duck ots, lam, add s and orazmesh. titz will put in a p or two arches watered them oyom. Warm and bake for 12 minutes. eh kami and och petukis.

Food (for 2 servings)
mas p? t? spruce 67-15 r
Lu chopped 15-1 PCS.
gr? young 11-100 r
wine? u? oh white 63-150 r
u? t? itz? 95-4 PCS.
with lemon 99-1 h spoon
greens? r? w chopped 99-2 Art. spoons
from? taste
lane? h? us hammer? th taste
laurel? y? t taste
mass with? 27-15 r
mu 76-15 r
with liquid 87-3 Art. spoons
or milk 7-3 Art. spoons
s? x? and? s 21-2 Art. spoons
! r? spruce Garnish: 14-0
lemon taste
greens? r? w taste

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