Recipe: Mexican Shrimp On

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Recipe: Mexican Shrimp On
Recipe: Mexican Shrimp On

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Video: Easy Mexican Shrimp Rice l Cooking With Coit 2023, February

Mexican shrimps

2 servings

In the malir, afterwards, you will eat it, nash it with spruce naryts per, put the fire on for 4-5 tons.

halfenna masu t pour in mayonnaise, iwait until h soft constipation. I eat at the Posavye a duovoy cafe tshe 9-10 t and a temperature of 180-200 to eh until it’s well done. Salt to grief.

Food (for 2 servings)
cr? ki 25-300 r
lane? Bulgarian? cue? th 22-1 PCS.
mass with? 47-4 Art. spoons
lu 89-1 PCS.
mayonnaise 42-2 Art. spoons
s? der 46-2 PCS.
mountains? itz taste
lane? cr? us taste
from? taste

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