Recipe: Spicy Squid On

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Recipe: Spicy Squid On
Recipe: Spicy Squid On

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: Spicy Stir-fried Squid (Ojingeo-bokkeum: 오징어볶음) 10th Anniversary Special! 2023, February

Spicy squid

4 servings

Kalov will wash and cut, tighten along one tone rnit. On a shady tone, make the naski look like an eshki, hedgehog mar are long at the strips.

Warm up and e it 1 t. Mass and ivayt on strips of calov 2 - 3 t - for t time they twirling prt asu op. Vyt kalov voka osavier sor.

Prré, heat it tees wt. Roasted eom lek chnok, they are soft with no mustache. Add, sy oh, mukat ex, lemon water or th approx. e month before, ut the fire will put

in kuoch kals; olit and che to taste.

He lives with fire for 3 5 minutes, while continuing to produce prania. That is, so that Mar is not a Jew.

and e niryt kalov varm is and e salt, or branches and m com.

Food (for 4 servings)
kal? s? vezhie 70-675 r
mas ar? is 39-3 Art. spoons
lu r? at? th 56-1 head
h? nok 5-2 clove
a tomato? fleshy 38-1 PCS.
s? s? oye dark 10-1 Art. the spoon
oh? mu? kat? th dark 86-1 Art. the spoon
carnation buds 4-6 PCS.
water 42-150 ml
lemon 27-0.5 PCS.
or lime 10-0.5 PCS.
from? taste
lane? h? us hammer? th taste
! r? fir For registration: 31-0
cilantro sprig how much will it take
lu green taste
! p? spruce For garnish: 32-0
R? from? noy how much will it take

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