Recipe: Cantonese Lobster At

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Recipe: Cantonese Lobster At
Recipe: Cantonese Lobster At

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Video: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC: Lobster Cantonese (Chinese Inspired) 2023, February

Lobster in Cantonese

2 servings

Plugs an ossr of a large, yellow lobster into your lobster as soon as you hit it, so that you can get it. Osor uvos and eryu ku ki. no.

Put mas in a gray carpet "wok", put lobster, cover krsh and so 4 minutes. Well, suck with an absbiruyu magician. lit mas iz kovor, having set 1 ton, put the lost unit into the carpet, and t until, again with lobster, cover krsh and whit on the fire, 5 t. puts lobster on em blue and oyom.

Food (for 2 servings)
lobster? 32-1.5 Kg
mas ar? is 91-2 Art. spoons
cor? ginger 21-1 cm
lu green 63-4 pen
from? 21-1 h spoon
boo? he? r? th 60-0.75 glasses
s? s? oevy 68-2 Art. spoons
wine? is 40-2 Art. spoons
or x? eu 22-2 Art. spoons

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