Recipe: Stuffed Ika-Zushi Squid On

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Recipe: Stuffed Ika-Zushi Squid On
Recipe: Stuffed Ika-Zushi Squid On

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Video: Squid Stuffed With Rice (Ikameshi) - Japanese Food Recipe 2023, February

Ika-zushi stuffed squid

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kal? s? vezhie fillet 22-2 PCS.
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s? ar 61-2 Art. spoons
peace (japanese wine) or sherry 72-1 Art. the spoon
from? (japanese s? y? ow?) 47-2 Art. spoons
f? w or chicken 9-50 r
ginger? 2 cm 88-1 PCS.
! p? spruce For serving: 19-0
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