Recipe: Edomai Chirashi Zushi Bowl Sushi On

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Recipe: Edomai Chirashi Zushi Bowl Sushi On
Recipe: Edomai Chirashi Zushi Bowl Sushi On

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Video: SUSHI: Chirashi-Zushi made with Love - Dig More Japan 2023, February

Sushi in a bowl edomai chirashi-zushi

2 servings

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Food (for 2 servings)
with? month how much will it take
! r? spruce To choose from: 47-0
raw tiger crumbs 80-2 PCS.
wasp? lamprey tentacle 88-1 PCS.
t? nets fresh or salmon 65-125 r
palt? with fillet 31-1 PCS.
kal? s? vezhie small 70-1 PCS.
gr? shiitaki 81-2 PCS.
s? ar 70-1 h spoon
world (japanese wine) 23-1 h spoon
from? taste
! p? spruce For serving: 83-0
ogu? ts? 70-1 PCS.
ginger? mar? th pink taste
pass? and "? abi" taste
from? (japanese s? y? ow?) taste

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