Recipe: Simple Sushi Rolls On

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Recipe: Simple Sushi Rolls On
Recipe: Simple Sushi Rolls On

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Simple sushi rolls

Ottr on it, put 525 water in it. e before, damp the fire and 20 tons before ex, until all the water has been taken. it uu with ah hu, tdit. Pour uu into the yach p, this will put (with a yyka) 20 tons.

t yaki-i azrt along. Fillet wa azrt along 4 th - should be the same as ki os, and thick 1. So put it with silt wasps.

On kovu ts (makis) he will put yaki-i strips, tei tone. 1/12 will be placed on the top of the wasp, not covering the upper lower 1 m.

t closest to kr yaki-i kr c, site from wasps and is "sausages" beginning from wa gray. e, t ts not alas in is! but kate is rinki sts.

Osor is drawn from the inovka. also make 11 more "sausages - 4 cm beginning. In ui cucumber you are not. hedgehog yu ku for 6 asi. ova rlet uye blue, offit by marma ema submit to t s oe ss.

! p? spruce For 12 sausages or 72 rolls: 88-0
R? for sushi 29-400 r
u? u? p? ovy 8-3.5 Art. spoons
s? ar 23-1 Art. the spoon
from? 77-0.5 h. spoons
water? and yaks 74-6 sheets
f r? tuna 97-200 r
ph los? me? skin 72-200 r
pass? and "? abi" taste
ogu? ts? 55-12 PCS.
ginger? pickled for decoration taste
c? c? ove Japanese for serving taste

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