Recipe: Scallop Salad On

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Recipe: Scallop Salad On
Recipe: Scallop Salad On

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Scallop salad

2 servings

Meat (flour) of a mollusk it in a deer 10 mine from an osh pen of a crust petuk nar crumbly. Tel pestilence otitis media, ocht bikami. and varied yy and smack. The cucumber is small. Sun prkt sat sm osh, by s will add s and y lane. Avit salad with mayonnaise uas yu

Food (for 2 servings)
gr? ok? s 91-300 r
car? of? 89-200 r
mountains? ek? y? er? ovanny 65-150 r
pestilence? 71-100 r
ogu? ts? s? e 65-150 r
cor? pet? u? ki 19-50 r
an egg 38-2 PCS.
mayonnaise 38-150 r
greenery taste
lane? h? us hammer? th taste
lane? h? us gor? com taste
from? taste

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