Recipe: "Hot Lobster" On

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Recipe: "Hot Lobster" On
Recipe: "Hot Lobster" On

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Video: Super Easy Baked Lobster Tail Recipe| Lobster Tail Recipe 2023, February

Hot lobster

1 serving

Lobster meat natit goritsa, si perm. nit lobster in hot water at 200 ° C x. In Livki Sanu, the cold boat will bring it to a boil, ypert.

Mail couples, 20 minutes it with ol, sar and 1 t.. sleepy la. I cook steam rate in thames sleep le posavye t meso.

provveniya oua mit rtel mas, sy oy, oo, s, sar lane. That's all right. about ov hedgehog snits with squeeze, e oy, s sleep h greens.

Products (for 1 portion)
lobster? 57-1 Kg
mountains? itz 91-3 Art. spoons
mas p? t? spruce 47-2 Art. spoons
mass with? 100-5 Art. spoons
s? ana 43-200 r
or with 55-200 r
s? lady 29-1 Kg
s? s? oevy 41-1 h spoon
u? u? 53-2 Art. spoons
s? ar taste
from? taste
lane? taste

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