Recipe: Shrimp Meatballs On

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Recipe: Shrimp Meatballs On
Recipe: Shrimp Meatballs On
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Shrimp meatballs

The meat is crock olit, vykh kuonnu dos and uy small skis and another smooth nyko, put on an ar, add a beaten egg, krmal, and eat natiya tatno.

deep soda azogr asitnoe at 140 ° C (set il revat mas, or in the beginning of the evetnaya s vitya and ephel tt umi). or, prepare masa efeli with 25 g (half-weight approx 20 tons), sieve them to burn, stir, fry 2 3 minutes gold-yellow tsa, le it lays on are. They serve blue ts together with ss, young we burn ts and ol - efels.

cr? ki meat 79-500 r
an egg 40-1 PCS.
wine 87-2 dessert spoons
s? s? omat? th 26-20 r
mas p? t? spruce 16-0.5 l
lane? cr? us 52-1 r
glu? amat? r taste
from? taste

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