Recipe: Shrimp Sambal Goreng On

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Recipe: Shrimp Sambal Goreng On
Recipe: Shrimp Sambal Goreng On

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Video: Sambal (chilli paste) prawns 2023, February

Sambal goreng with shrimps

6 servings

For oahuetnu passu, chnok will grind nitrogen in a cloth into a ton of oats. t galgant, or-ambal nary or s. Sun grind or nitrogen in one pass.

iwait pass mass 1 - 2 tons, will not blush until her yenna ar. Add omat, enoy var to water vare 10 t. Ss otme mis and so on. This deserted ou can be siphoned off from the blue.

Put in oh croc, sweet ets vare 3 4 minutes. t sar, amary ok coconut milk. Spill s-mountains in ete ar, ofmit kolami asrat lu and kamitsy give with varm is.

Food (for 6 servings)
cr? ki? var? e? looking for? e r
lane? with green 27-1 PCS.
with tamarind 72-4 Art. spoons
from? 1 pinch
milk? oat 58-3 Art. spoons
or with 30-3 Art. spoons
! p? spruce For garnish: 54-0
R? from? noy how much will it take
! r? fir For registration: 31-0
lu r? at? th red how much will it take
c? a lime taste
! r? spruce For sambal-goreng sauce: 59-0
pass? a? evet? naya size 2.5 cm (blanchan) 42-1 cube
lu r? at? th 33-2 heads
coarsely chopped 79-2 clove
cor? galganta 71-1 a piece
mas p? t? spruce 22-2 Art. spoons
t? -pyu? e 43-3 Art. spoons
from? vegetable 50-600 ml
or water 15-600 ml

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