Recipe: Tomatoes With Shrimps On

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Recipe: Tomatoes With Shrimps On
Recipe: Tomatoes With Shrimps On

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Video: Seared Shrimp with Spicy Tomato Sauce Recipe 2023, February

Tomatoes with shrimps

Tomato khosh prt other cut each in half with water, it also gives pulp with seeds.

Eiku, light crumpets, if you want to cover the meat, then add protein, eolite, perat and put it into the tomato.

Wed tomato can be lightly sprinkled with cormal. In isoi, the carpet rkalit kut mas and ivat in nafshovanny halves of the age of 2-3 tons, the iodichki evorivaya

provleniya oua ohmate ou sat with a yak sm ouom, yeah, the month is flooded with it. e whit do gott.

Serve to blue, hmm, finely at the basil greens.

a tomato? 60-500 r
cor 77-200 r
cr? ki 67-150 r
vet? ina 72-150 r
gr? s? e 65-50 r
or gr? mar? e 69-50 r
an egg 28-1 PCS.
cr? small 55-50 r
mas ku? t 87-150 r
from? taste
basil herbs taste
! p? spruce To prepare the sauce: 69-0
s? s? omat? th 100-50 r
horse 76-5 r
s? s? oevy 2-50 r

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