Recipe: Fried Oysters On

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Recipe: Fried Oysters On
Recipe: Fried Oysters On
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Fried oysters

1 serving

Oro duck meat will be washed with water, not from the silt, from the mud. uye shri cut for 2-3 asi.

It soda rtelm scrap roasted duck, let it go to 1 sakan and bring it to sleep in a constant way. Add meth, 1/3 chnogo ts and it, u fire.

b green ka (white asi) on the sled, and in the mouth. y ets azrt in half, comes from the emyan nart with a short crumb.

duck butt t got, add the green lane, lu, sy ow and ol. leave, y krsh, still a few t. avie es, shedding erm c, kut and put it in ar.

Products (for 1 portion)
h? nok 30-1 slice
from? taste
u? t? itz? 100-200 r
s? ana 87-1 Art. the spoon
lane? h? us hammer? th 63-0.6 h. spoons
mas p? t? spruce 33-2 h. spoons
lane? Bulgarian? cue? th 36-30 r
s? s? oevy 57-1 h spoon
ku? t 3-0.25 h. spoons

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