Recipe: Squid In Garlic Sauce On

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Recipe: Squid In Garlic Sauce On
Recipe: Squid In Garlic Sauce On

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Squid in garlic sauce

Cala ovit, soak in water for 1 hour, wash it and wash it, ride on water. night t prepare, nash, eu grind, green lu finely ezat, perat, add wy, wine, cultivated krmal, approx. cold water, dark dreams, fire, bb, olit, put a pile of cala variation 2., for a heifer. soda pops with s and ar skiyenogo mar in ech 2 min. The other carpet burns the rtel mass, high skim, flooded with the preparation oyom yasit 5 min., t perach.

kal? s? vezhie 94-300 r
with pork 79-30 r
h? nok 6 lobules
s? ebel? es? us 63-50 r
lu green 79-50 r
u? u? 19-1 h spoon
cr? small 37-2 h. spoons
wine? as 90-1 Art. the spoon
mas p? t? spruce 56-3 Art. spoons
from? taste

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