Recipe: Fried Crab On

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Recipe: Fried Crab On
Recipe: Fried Crab On
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Fried crabs

2 servings

It’s very good for the black dog. r er krpnoy er. Meat of kr with fry with a small esve of azogry asitny la sat with eu. Beat the egg with, add crny, grind it from to sec. Dip eu month roast abov, b in war and it in azogrom asitny le zolot otenka. The barn was red, yyyyyyyyy yursh and kami inov.

Food (for 2 servings)
cr? 49-0.5 Kg
s? r 61-50 r
an egg 44-1 PCS.
s? x? and? sheep? e 57-0.5 glasses
h? nok 33-1 slice
mandar 8-5 lobules
mas p? t? spruce 20-1 glass
from 93-1 glass
greens? r? w 58-0.5 beam
lane? cr? us 42-0.3 h. spoons
from? taste

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