Recipe: Pilaf With Squid On

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Recipe: Pilaf With Squid On
Recipe: Pilaf With Squid On

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Video: Squid IN TEMPURE - Recipes from Ivlev 2023, February

Pilaf with squid

The frost mar is flooded with 30-45 tons of warm, okt, I will return the film prt under cold otna. Natet syu, b com, is easy to beat and ride with small biks.

to the moron, the wash will grind.

Prepare the baking soda, hot and fry.

prt, sprinkle the fire with boiling water of varying half-trays.

porionic earthenware goroch vy mar with ami and mixed liquid, in op it ils. Add with, thresh pepper warmed asit lo. osh perat.

Goroch is closed, put in x and whit on the lab in 30-40 minutes.

R? 97-1 glass
f kal? a frozen 84-1 Kg
pestilence? 4-5 PCS.
lu 74-5 PCS.
mas p? t? spruce 67-1 glass
water 51-2 glasses
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