Recipe: Fukusa-Zushi Omelet Sushi On

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Recipe: Fukusa-Zushi Omelet Sushi On
Recipe: Fukusa-Zushi Omelet Sushi On

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Fukusa-zushi omelet sushi

Provier ui. beat the egg with a fork. oceer with drgu mis. Add ah, s and mo s kuu mu. Meshe polucheniya one s. It doesn’t eat soda, it doesn’t eat it and it’s nitrogenous to its bottom. e 1 cue egg si give her asechs on soda, her. e with fire of both tones (30 s). should be us, but blush. Throw a chick. e e 8 we eat pancakes by ourselves. eat with kut in that and that gray, stop, to ex, until you start. e fire pry t in a cloth. Emeche epli r s ille owov rttmi emenami njua. sit rki uu and fmue si 8 are. Put the eggs on the ku, in the ep - isy ar. Make a convection, to fire the nearest sort so that it is used, eat the sides of the litter and nude, underneath. nit osale ui. whether they make a sack of feather, isuzu zu, it is good to urinate in her in ech 30. Bring mint. On t, serve with new ginger and her.

with? month taste
an egg 23-10 PCS.
s? ar 46-2 Art. spoons
from? sea 37-0.5 h. spoons
mu ku? r? knowing 75-1 h spoon
with ku? t 55-2 Art. spoons
f anch? s 29-50 r
from? misu 36-1 bunch
mass cooking food how much will it take
! p? spruce For serving: 10-0
ginger? mar? th taste
from? (japanese s? y? ow?) taste

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