Recipe: Mussels With Green Peas On

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Recipe: Mussels With Green Peas On
Recipe: Mussels With Green Peas On

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Video: Салат из мидий с зеленым горошком / Mussel Salad with Green Peas | Видео Рецепт 2023, February

Mussels with green peas

Wash the slit of the mussels, wipe out yo, put otitis media in wine on the side of the side. it to ex, until the pack is gone, hush the fire, so it doesn’t take any guilt, but the axis of the pack.

Mussel meat ü, fry the shade 2-3 tons of shading ovka, whose, olit. When the prett wet-roots c, feather in from, add queen buon, the nare after a minute is eaten in ech 5 minutes the green bitter consvire is green and it is 3-5 tons on the lab.

a tin spoon of ki azvesi cold, add this oh and b with mussels. sows, nat s and b.

mussels 11-1.5 Kg
mu 33-1 glass
wine with? x 86-0.7 l
boo? he? r? th 83-1 glass
mountains? ek? y? er? ovanny 41-0.5 glasses
with with cons? vir? e 3-0.5 glasses
a tomato? 72-2 PCS.
mas p? t? spruce 88-2 Art. spoons
from? taste
lane? white hammer taste
lane? h? us hammer? th taste

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