Recipe: Seafood Mukekka On

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Recipe: Seafood Mukekka On
Recipe: Seafood Mukekka On

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: Brazilian Fish Stew - How to Make a Moqueca-Style Fish Stew 2023, February

Seafood mukeka

Warm up the machine from the bottom to the front for 5 minutes. ohm s, ol, ets h and whit 2 min. Add to the boil, varying 10. Zat will add greens, mushrooms, varied for 57 minutes. tening ki u set col r perat. On the ice, it’s ok, palmas and iris varied for 5 min.

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olive oil 58-2 Art. spoons
lu 18-1 PCS.
lane? with red taste
lane? with green taste
lane? with yellow taste
a tomato? 54-2 PCS.
from? taste
lane? h? us hammer? th taste
h taste
boo? he? s? th 58-3 glasses
canned milk taste
lu green taste
gr? ok? s 84-450 r
mor? coy? er? (fillet) 91-450 r
shrimp meat 62-450 r
with lime 26-1 PCS.
lime 47-1 PCS.
cor? taste
! p? spruce For garnish: 1-0
fried banana taste
R? taste
mas pal 13-2 Art. spoons
coconut with? r? zhka unsweetened taste

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