Recipe: Seafood And Vegetables In Batter On

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Recipe: Seafood And Vegetables In Batter On
Recipe: Seafood And Vegetables In Batter On

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Seafood and vegetables in batter

2 servings

Ry nar kami tolsh v. Krki kaly isit and ezat. Vegetable ocht. eggplant ry xsh, cut it with nuts, then for 4 asi the length is straight. There are green lanes along the 4 lifts. go kovy. Vyt gr, kick off the legs, ue bloopers asr. For igot tt, put mu and y in cold water, even sannu with om. It should be liquid, and what you eat it, you eat it, it shouldn't be lumpy. Mass (more, more) heat is poured into the prison to 180 ° С. t in on the equipment, the op should uya, r up, a little air will blush. Everyone is a lot of moroduvs, so it's hot. Of course, the ovit is not 3-4 tk, so it is not superfluous. it is 2-3 t, if necessary, you can evorivat. Blow the ode to the alfki, thaw. With ht mas it is always true of the krki esa. It is also a vegetable and iba, 1 ton each. Out of 45, there is a lot of seafood. about to t heifers, yy boom alfkami, eat cocktail. At the same time I serve bowls of tm ouom, cats dip each one.

Food (for 2 servings)
f r? would 26-300 r
cr? ki 84-100 r
kal? s? vezhie 83-100 r
eggplant 85-1 PCS.
pestilence? 73-3 PCS.
lane? from 26-2 PCS.
f? ol? t? u? kova 56-10 PCS.
cor? s? der 45-1 PCS.
gr? from 51-7 PCS.
lu 57-2 PCS.
mu psh? naya 40-200 r
an egg 63-1 PCS.
water 90-1 glass
mas p? t? spruce taste
seafood sauce taste

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