Recipe: Crispy Crab Claws On

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Recipe: Crispy Crab Claws On
Recipe: Crispy Crab Claws On

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Video: Studio 10: fried jumbo gulf crab claws 2023, February

Crunchy crab claws

4 servings

For pouring water into it, drinking in sar will bring to. Zat ut fire slow cook 5-7 t. Willow, t ossalier unit, ottt in tone.

ait rov moo with ah kurznoy coy. o e x water, it will unite with ch s and oo emeshe, t semi-liquid.

Otezhye is shallow e 5 with a sebla ace. t in lemongres, eu, cilantro, or us (rbny ss). What do I taste like peright.

Klesh cr, fit uiv, e batter fried in a rue, several tk r. Heat flares, until it is tt isy, zat obshe kuonnoy magician, not ewat. Serve the flare.

Food (for 4 servings)
mo p? oova 14-50 r
mu ku? r? knowing 48-1 Art. the spoon
s? ar 54-0.5 h. spoons
an egg 2-1 PCS.
water is cold 86-4 Art. spoons
lemongre? (stem) 70-1 PCS.
chopped 27-2 clove
chopped cilantro 53-1 Art. the spoon
h red, finely chopped 57-2 pod
s? s us pla (fishy) 5-1 h spoon
mas r? t? spruce for roasting how much will it take
flared cr half peeled 55-12 PCS.
lane? h? us hammer? th taste
! p? spruce For vinegar and pepper sauce: 95-0
s? ar 36-3 Art. spoons
water 72-120 ml
u? u? wine red 42-120 ml
s? s us pla (fishy) 73-1 Art. the spoon
h red, finely chopped 52-2 pod

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