Recipe: Sotong Sambal On

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Recipe: Sotong Sambal On
Recipe: Sotong Sambal On

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Sotong Sambal

2 servings

Okay mar, but tear them. bnoe silt, b green lu will put in a cloth, t a little oli pt in t, - iszovat and hy ots.

Every month in ku, add it.

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Food (for 2 servings)
kal? s? vege 10 cm long weighing 350 g 7-8 PCS.
with lime taste
from? taste
R? from? noy for a side dish how much will it take
! p? spruce For the filling: 48-0
f r? would be white (flounder or halibut) 29-175 r
cor? fresh ginger, chopped 71-1 a piece
lu green (feather) 82-2 heads
boiled, chopped cr? ki 44-50 r
! r? spruce For sambal sauce: 83-0
oh? macadamia 41-4 PCS.
or blanched almonds 35-4 PCS.
cor? fresh galgant, 1 cm long 44-1 a piece
lemongre? (stem) 45-2 PCS.
pass? a? eve? naya 98-1 cube
h red 29-4 pod
lu r? at? th chopped 19-175 r
mas p? t? spruce 22-6 Art. spoons
canned milk 85-400 ml

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