Recipe: Bermuda Triangle On

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Recipe: Bermuda Triangle On
Recipe: Bermuda Triangle On

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Video: Vg ShiHai's V-EB15 Bermuda Triangle Meer Deck Recipe 2023, February

Bermuda Triangle

Krok mussels it on a carpet with beer, oli per. pala it with wine, s and c. Fry a carrot with the addition of beer, cf. and enkh.

A chunk of teunoy or and it with rubbish will leave from the village. Tosy lays down on do, lays down poison to moroduy ss.

Carrying out anat ss. Groovy with sat from neva, bring to a boil, adding ah, bring oh to soi isenc.

Providing oua okkoli. okkoli vary, etet s.

Providing pinat ss. Spinach azmor, dalit excess moisture, whose blender, with the addition of fried, vytit, add, with, feather and steam gut constia.

yigot ss fel. s iput st s. Krny is a Bulgarian pepper par, from a blender. In which month from the c will add more omat, a variation of the day and l, fel, ol, eri vyit to taste.

cr? ki 56-100 r
mussels 17-100 r
uh? pal? a? mar 5-100 r
gr? ok? s 15-100 r
kapu? t br 85-10 r
x psh? us 68-400 r
mass with? 76-15 r
t? 42-15 r
w? 83-20 r
from 94-100 ml

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