Recipe: French Scampi At

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Recipe: French Scampi At
Recipe: French Scampi At

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Video: Гордон Рамзи готовит креветки Скампи всего за 10 минут | Ramsay in 10 2023, February

Scampi in French

4 servings 1 hour

Krki is easy to olit and whose. be flat kasrle livoch mas, with fry it eves, pour in anise and b. Casrly wipes years. ezat fel-kami passer in which together are narblenna l-shom. bastard eh, spat shr, hosh perat and par t well. Infused dignity, t before and it another 5 minutes. Removed with a y, azr, dalit with and ride with small skami. b ski and t with fel greens krkami goty oy and azogr. new dairy products and cues.

Food (for 4 servings)
cr? ki 8-24 PCS.
from? 24-1 h spoon
lane? h? us on the tip of a knife
mass with? 75-4 Art. spoons
liquor? ovy 67-4 Art. spoons
f? spruce 19-200 r
lu-sh? 44-2 Art. spoons
w? r 11-1 pinch
s? ana 44-200 r
a tomato? 74-1 PCS.
fennel greens 38-1 Art. the spoon
lane? cayens 55-1 pinch

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