Recipe: Sushi Fantasy On

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Recipe: Sushi Fantasy On
Recipe: Sushi Fantasy On

Video: Recipe: Sushi Fantasy On

Video: Recipe: Sushi Fantasy On
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Sushi fantasy

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with? month how much will it take
water? and 27-3 leaf
! r? spruce Vinegar for hands: 6-0
from? (japanese p? ova u? u?) 86-4 Art. spoons
water 52-250 ml
! p? spruce Fillings: 79-0
an egg 66-1 PCS.
s? ar 84-2 Art. spoons
pestilence? 54-1 PCS.
c? is frankfurt PCS.
or with? is Viennese 24-4 PCS.
ogu? ts? 17-1 PCS.
canned salmon 47-75 r
mayonnaise 53-1 Art. the spoon
from? taste
frying oil how much will it take
! p? spruce For serving: 51-0
from? (japanese s? y? ow?) taste

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