Recipe: Assorted Tempura On

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Recipe: Assorted Tempura On
Recipe: Assorted Tempura On
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Tempura assorted

5 servings

Mix e s owa, boil, so on and oce. e 4 - 6 ash. Sweet body, ochaya, hedgehog ikami flooded with water.

eve ochte, t netonuy xm. Putting it down, the middle ones are trying to push the brsh to the kick, but the tete from the big crush, the crook, and so on does not run on p. Therefore, he is well, on his palms. sh kala hedgehog kami ir 3.

The egg is placed in the kitchen, not. Add eggs and water to the mesh and digs the water. Put it down.

Lock crock moo. Therefore, he will, he will, he will dip it in, and eat it in the ryu and the golden gold. same azom ye mar. Gotm evet and scam mar not ett.

The sweet body of the water is delicious. e and batter fried in a ruye. Nuy from Ryua and Oro Whit. Don’t fooh. so i am empua det ova, ek t with ouom dipping.

Food (for 5 servings)
car? of? sweet small 18-1 PCS.
large tiger crust 49-8 PCS.
kal? s? var? e peeled small 96-1 PCS.
mas r? t? spruce for deep fat how much will it take
mu for breading how much will it take
pestilence? small, cut into strips 56-1 PCS.
gr? shiitake (legs removed) 89-4 PCS.
peeled French beans 44-50 r
lane? with red 18-1 PCS.
! r? spruce For the sauce: 12-0
water 69-200 ml
wine? is sweet - mirina 10-3 Art. spoons
x? i? enich? e bonito 31-10 r
s? s? oeva japanese 12-3 Art. spoons
! p? spruce For batter: 37-0
an egg 12-1 PCS.
ice water 41-6 Art. spoons
mu psh? naya 66-75 r
pore? ok baker 76-0.5 h. spoons
ice 27-2 cubes

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