Recipe: Shrimp Beer. On

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Recipe: Shrimp Beer. On
Recipe: Shrimp Beer. On
Video: Recipe: Shrimp Beer. On
Video: Beer Battered Fried Shrimp Recipe With Old Bay 2023, February

Beer with shrimps

Chisim evet: Razr along ir and rnim ku.

eat the poosdu mar

You are 4 s. Spoons by weight.

Chisim 6 bch chnoka shallowly from them.

There are perica or, perhaps, along the heights, there are them, about a child that (premier). E Loan.

press ok x, finely ezanne petuku.

osh we spend 1.5 hours for x month.

We eat x for 230 hell.

It is placed in the op and t in x for 15-20 minutes.

Oty pivts and ice with a duovka.

do not eat.

cr? ki size 16-20 per kg 100-1 Kg
cold pressed olive oil taste
lemon taste
h? nok taste
pet? u? ka taste
lane? cr? us sharp taste
cold beer taste

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