Recipe: Morne Crabs On

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Recipe: Morne Crabs On
Recipe: Morne Crabs On

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Crabs "Morne"

Microwaveable for 6 servings

Eggs otitis media in cakes. casrle asopit mas in 4060 s and power. Add, stir, moo and chu. ivat 40-70 pr full wear.

t poured, stir, milk. it is 5.5-7 pr full wear, and e 2.

Add finely ezanny lou, meat cr, eggs, s, lane and 2/3 ya, azmesh. lays down in the side to (ash). Pospat krkami kuuh lop and tkami ya. b e 89 min and power.

Served with vegetables alat.

Food (for 6 servings)
kr meat (without liquid) cans (170g each) 26-2 PCS.
lu? s 58-1 PCS.
mass with? 73-60 r
mu 58-35 r
an egg 11-2 PCS.
s? r? er? s fine 69-100 r
x? i? ku? u? e crumbled 66-2 Art. spoons
until? ok? h? us 67-0.5 h. spoons
milk 43-500 ml
lane? h? us hammer? th taste
from? taste

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