Recipe: Crayfish Pilaf On

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Recipe: Crayfish Pilaf On
Recipe: Crayfish Pilaf On
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Pilaf from crayfish

T nesky crayfish, I dip them into the reindeer boiling, I put ten chnok, ovy foxes and chyu petuki var 5–10.

When aki tnu, they are searched, I divide w and ols cht klesh from ir. I fill Nesko ir with rum (compressed nir k), and tny tt su.

I put the rtel in the prison, I put the olche ir, so the beginning, that is, in the op. eh bring the boil to the previous chaz with.

Kasrlyu retm asitny mas put peranny and omyy r. When a little mustache, I pour in buon, cat or with re ir. Kasrlu pilaf t for 1015 min. r bu got, in the treasure of flares and icyek, emesht and tetz.

When I eat her salt, I pour out the mountains on something before, and I put the dried-up eggs filled with rum ir.

p r? noy 24-9 PCS.
R? 59-100 r
water 61-3 l
h? nok 45-2 lobules
mas p? t? spruce 10-6 Art. spoons
laurel? y? t 99-1 PCS.
greens? r? w 43-1 bunch
from? taste
lane? h? us hammer? th taste

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