Recipe: Melon Shrimp On

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Recipe: Melon Shrimp On
Recipe: Melon Shrimp On
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Melon shrimp

Split not two, get the village, get the pulp. Nary ku or be like ar. The skin is very thin and the pulp strips. Clean skin r and azr. Nary bikami. isit orange cheese cheese. otnoy at sat lemons, sweet lo. Will add chan, oo, ah, s and pepper to taste. Then you can prepare the food and eat it. For a month, the halves don't get along well. Ukrit with branches and almonds. Whether it is bad soy, it is lighter and the bottom is more soy.

yes small 57-2 PCS.
cr? ki? var? e? looking for? e 30-225 r
a tomato? 49-4 PCS.
ogu? ts? little 57-1 PCS.
apel? in 34-1 PCS.
lemon 36-0.5 PCS.
mass auxiliary 11-4 Art. spoons
from 73-3 Art. spoons
mint finely chopped 42-2 Art. spoons
t? yan (? abr ?, bogor? kaya? r) finely chopped 11-1 h spoon
roasted almonds, chopped 99-100 r
from? taste
lane? freshly ground taste
s? ar 93-1 pinch

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