Recipe: Shrimp Clafoutis On

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Recipe: Shrimp Clafoutis On
Recipe: Shrimp Clafoutis On

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Shrimp clafoutis

Heat x up to 220. Mu naspat in ku, do the killing. Beat egg wreath, add milk, ol, feather mukaty ex. Beat it, whisking it quickly, and it will take 30 tons. It will pour into the carpet until it starts to pour, and it will turn into 3 tons of water and it will last for 2 minutes: there should be ozs. With olive oil, it is quite fiery and lays down kurzu. They will learn and have faith. You will mix it into evet. Vyt duovke imer 35 minutes, while eco px and sanet iso-ichm. l sal blue, wash branches. At the same time the tax is green with.

mu 31-120 r
an egg 26-3 PCS.
milk 42-150 r
from? 52-0.25 h. spoons
lane? hammer? th taste
oh? mu? kat? th ground 54-0.125 h. spoons
mass with? 90-30 r
cr? ki large fresh 53-350 r
h? nok 20-1 slice
pet? u? ka chopped 25-2 Art. spoons
ku? r? z? er? oval sweet 24-250 r

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