Recipe: Shrimp And Seaweed Tempura On

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Recipe: Shrimp And Seaweed Tempura On
Recipe: Shrimp And Seaweed Tempura On
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Tempura with shrimps and seaweed

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peeled crust with tails 86-100 r
water? li? and dried 83-50 r
mor? odu? s (squid, etc., sea fish) 80-200 r
s? b? naya (chopped vegetables) 100-200 r
mass with 39-50 r
kapu? t pak-choy 19-100 r
s? s? oevy 10-30 r
ku? t (seeds) 37-30 r
! p? spruce For the test: 73-0
an egg 27-1 PCS.
water 22-200 r
mu psh? naya 3-100 r
mu ku? r? knowing 78-50 r
from? taste

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