Recipe: Squid With Pepper On

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Recipe: Squid With Pepper On
Recipe: Squid With Pepper On

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Video: Ultimate Chinese Salt & Pepper Squid 2023, February

Squid with pepper

5 servings

Prepare the yy ohms, we finely perweep the bunks of the finely cut yu, ezanny kalya prsit through the orb with a small yes. che mar s s narm com, ol, perm, rtelm lom mu. We’re all over.

th ets asr along, we give emen, washed with water. eat fsh from mar. Pr fmu elogo ts, we let the early yoe o, in the high heat on the oro azogroy fat soda, two sor do u ts (20 t), we save the duovka 5 minutes.

Gothe mar with c we put blue, water asopenny dreams wt.

Food (for 5 servings)
kal? s? vezhie 87-5 PCS.
lane? from 3-5 PCS.
lu (finely chopped) 64-100 r
mas p? t? spruce 71-30 r
mu psh? naya 33-30 r
an egg 6-2 PCS.
s? x? and? s 12-60 r
mas r? t? spruce (for frying) 66-50 r
lane? hammer? th taste
from? taste
mass with? 84-30 r

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