Recipe: Khao Tom On

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Recipe: Khao Tom On
Recipe: Khao Tom On

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Video: Thai Breakfast Rice Soup Recipe "Kao Tom" | Thai Recipes ข้าวต้มกุ้ง 2023, February

Khao tom

1 kg eprkt (rba, evet, kalov mollusks lasts for s) 1 cup of is, 6 - 8 ash of water mercury with a head of eu, cilantro, ice sder and 1 s. spoon of oli, css and en er pen. Oh, you guys, cats you obsessed with goth.

1/4 of your finely chopped eu, mass for enya, nare and: ice sder, cilantro, cha x-ra ka-ay, oh ou us, lime s and tukovy per night

This is a tip with a hand y FSUs and yanos.

wash and ovie e eprkt.

Os buona e boil blanche nee c. When the fish are asoyus, pull them out, take out the mollusks, rise.

l will bring to and irit in the very and ezanny kals. eat nye and lays down.

Buon nova e boil blanchee neet. Zat vyt them, isis and lays down.

It will also bring the boon to a boil and put it in the rbu. it will boil it buone and free it from comrade. The head of the scythe will put it back a little boil, so it is even more yenny. Delivers buon to the right to taste.

soda nary es and is mas to smell, then add ou us and e t buon. e boil boil 2030 min. shoe right, whether t required.

The first feed on t in y ar will put moroduy, e boiling spom. kacht right edlozhit chnoch mas, ss pla, y ok, tukovy lane, finely ezanny whale spruce, or cha ora, ka-au vkuu.

mor? odu? s Kg
R? 94-1 a cup
water 69-8 cups
h? nok 94-1 head
cilantro taste
c? der chinese taste
from? 60-1 Art. the spoon
u? u? 75-1 Art. the spoon
lane? h? us gor? com 7-1 Art. the spoon
u? u? taste
basil leaves taste
s? s fishy us pla taste
with lime taste
lane? s? r? h? th taste
garlic mass taste

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