Recipe: Filled Seashells On

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Recipe: Filled Seashells On
Recipe: Filled Seashells On
Video: Recipe: Filled Seashells On
Video: Homemade Stuffed Shells Recipe - Laura Vitale - Laura in the Kitchen Episode 450 2023, February

Seashells with filling

1 serving

mussels go under that water, t up to 250 water (and yoy yke), they otoyus, not crushing brit. the pulp is drawn from the akoin. The water is sweet in tone.

b the bottom of the er mix. ginger, chnok lu go fine. fools and b ah. masret in or deep soda. b, eu and to whit, add pue foley. ü akuek it half a minute, willow. borrowing at will add with fsh. ь is wine, eh and oye ss. it is 8-10 minutes, willowing. with you, t sat.

in it perat masu pue kashanov, olit, poperit. will fill eoi with p and 20 t it over her in the ovar. Sannu was liquid from the point of view. ssit rm small esve krmal watered eim ouom akuki

Products (for 1 portion)
mussels 87-24 PCS.
cor? ginger 11-1 cm
h? nok 27-4 lobules
lu green 46-2 PCS.
f? ol 42-2 Art. spoons
s? ar 39-2 h. spoons
mas ar? is taste
or masku? r? knowing taste
f? w? fault 11-250 r
wine? is 53-2 Art. spoons
or w? r 84-2 Art. spoons
boo? he 78-3 Art. spoons
s? s? oevy 39-1 Art. the spoon
kash? an 41-180 r
lane? taste
from? taste
cr? small? ku? u? th 12-1 Art. the spoon

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